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Economizing on a healthy way of living is no longer necessary:
Health is now truly available to anyone!

Health is not only the will, the strength, the desire. It is also the right product; and it’s in front of you. Nowadays to buy soundly health products and accessories is not so simple: besides the veneer of consumer goods hides a dubious quality. That’s why our mission is developing a successful and efficient business by offering customers the best range of quality products for healthy and leisure activities, while maintaining the highest level of service.

Interesting Facts

  • What do experts say?

    The effectiveness of diet, according to many experts, is directly dependent on the quality products. You can consume brand name matchas, brag about their high-quality embroidered logo on the labels or packaging and shiny containers. But what is it all if you’re not getting the best products?

  • Matcha Mall - a legislator in quality

    We’re a matcha store for the whole family! We have all subjects for matcha delights – from the most basic green tea matcha to the last generation matcha accessories. It also plays an important role that we have an online store. Now, no matter where you live – our products are always there, turning on the computer will be enough!

  • Why make us your go-to matcha supplier?

    A high-quality goods with a reasonable price – in such a way you can describe our approach to the formation of commodity policy that we are implementing for recent years. We carefully select suppliers, sifting unreasonably expensive, and supporting those who share our views.

Great price-quality ratio, and a customer service to match

Running a tea business as a full-time job and being a tea lover myself, I want to sell products that I believe in and would use at home, too. I’ve always had a soft spot for Matcha after first trying it in Japan 6 years ago. In the meantime I’ve tried dozens of Matcha brands, looking for good quality powder that’s also reasonably priced so that my customers could actually afford drinking it regularly. The search was over when I found MatchaMall. Their offer is absolutely amazing and I like that they sell various quantities, encouraging small businesses too.

Anis Anderson

I am hooked! Nice people too

Product quality speaks for itself – all at the highest level. There was fast, without any cheating delivery. I ordered and I advise everyone to purchase
and order the matcha powder in this store – you will be thrilled.

Jack Parker

I buy regularly buy matcha from Alex, and never had to regret my choice!

I am a matcha newbie and not much of a green tea fan but wanted to try this for its health benefits. I use it in smoothies to get my dose of antioxidants and I find it to be mild. I like the fact that this is pure, not blended with other teas or sugar.

Isabella Butler


We work directly with major international matcha suppliers, and for many of them we are the sole representatives on the US market. We are a stable and reliable partner for those who are willing to develop their business with us. Become part of our team!


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